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Real-Time Tracking and Tracing Project: USE-IT

USE-IT (Uniform System for European Intermodal Tracking and tracing) is designed to offer combined transport customers the possibility of tracking their trains in real-time over the Internet or by automatically supplying the information to their own tracking systems. It comes in response to a genuine and repeatedly voiced market demand.


USE-IT is made up of the following modules:

  • interface with the systems of Railway Undertakings (suppliers of the information) for input into the central database;
  • interface to allow Internet consultation;
  • interface to supply the systems of customers and RUs from the central database.

The USE-IT application is therefore not a new information system but is rather making use of the RUs’ existing systems.

CTG Executive Committee members have appointed the firm SCOPE Consulting (Vienna) to develop the application. This company is also involved with work on similar applications on the Brenner route.

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